Tackling complexity
When tackling complexity, the solution you turn to should bring simplicity.

Talisman MPCS™ is a low-code Open API application server that allows you to easily and securely expose data & processes as composite webservices.

The Swiss Army Knife for Microservices Archicture
Web & Mobile Apps Development
Accelerate Web & Mobile application developments

Define composite webservices in minutes, then take the hassle of back-end programming out and concentrate on your front-end application. Save considerable time by defining webservices' steps through Hand-Over Processes (HOPs) that are configurable via simple parameters.

Datastores to RESTful Webservices
Fast & easy to expose (legacy) datastores to RESTful webservices

Easily build and deploy bidirectional data handler webservices that comply with Open API specification simply using a web browser. Exposed datasets are automatically formatted as JSON, XML or Google Protobuf according to the settings.

In-Memory Datastores
Aggregate multisource data collections into In-Memory datastores

Create SQL-enabled & powerful volatile datastores to collect and consolidate information from heterogenous datasources (Databases, Excel workbooks, CSV files, XML, etc.) and tremendously increase the performance.

Protect Resources & Data
Protect resources & services without complexity

Enforce security policies by centralizing users and application privileges through ACLs to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Easily define policies to apply embedded data anonymization technics according to user rights.

Ensure Business-Continuity
Secure business continuity & high-availability

Implement caching on (cluster) instance(s) to unload master datasources and/or to allow end-users going ahead with their work even when back-end databases are inoperative because of maintenance or other issues. Once operational, queued affecting queries are processed to ensure that these master datasources are up-to-date.

Shorten the systems development life cycle and unleash agility

Ideal for DevOps and/or iterative approach, provide continuous deliveries and parallelize the processing of webservices depending on their version and contextual environment. Clearly segregate the responsibilities between software development and IT operations by means of Environments, Logical Datasource Objects and package deployment.

Cloud Compatible
On-premise or in the Cloud

Install and deploy the way you want to operate, whatever the license type you choose...


Composite Webservices vs. Standard Webservices

Talisman MPCS™ differs from other webservice solutions by its ability to support and automate the technical processes governed by particular workflows, while automatically securing privileges, traceability and conformity needed for multi-tier integration.

A fast and robust process oriented OpenAPI application server is crucial in today's digital era. It enables the process automation through microservices that organizations need for their digital transformation initiatives. With this, developers can easily create, manage, and publish APIs on demand with the collaboration of other systems within the organization or outside partners.

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Amongst many others, the main benefits of using Talisman MPCS™ are:

  • Webservices align to existing and new processes, automate multisource collections as well as CRUD distributions and accelerate web/mobile apps developments.
  • Technical processes are set up through HOPs (Hand-Over Processes) which represent various steps of execution.
  • Minimal coding for rapid composite webservice development.
  • Consolidate data from different datasources into In-Memory datastores to improve performance and end-users' experience.
  • Protect sensitive information from unprivileged access with ACLs and embedded anonymization technics that obfuscate data on-the-fly.
  • Exposed webservices are Open API Swagger-compliant for easy integration with third party systems.
  • Preset of Swagger documentation is automatically generated for each webservice.

Last but not least, developers know how difficult it is to manage and deploy apps dedicated webservices from a release management perspective. There are a lot of steps that need to be done manually and the process is time-consuming. Talisman MPCS automates the webservices and resources release process from dev to production, enabling developers to make changes to an application and get it up on production in just few clicks. It then ensures DevOps and Agility approach for most demanding businesses.

Talisman MPCS™, a fast and robust OpenAPI application server

A low-code platform to develop OpenAPI composites webservices

Low-code development platforms are all the rage now. They facilitate and simplify tedious coding to assist people in creating and building a plethora of applications and services. In a sense they democratise programming to a wider audience of tech savvy people. From an organisational point of view, they speed-up development time and minimise the chance of any deployment hiccups.
Bringing your ideas to life can take an awful lot of time.
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A microservice approach that takes care of business processes and security from the beginning

Publishing web services is frictionless and straightforward with Talisman MPCS™. Benefit from a pure microservices approach by deploying composite web services aligned to your business processes. Build and deploy bidirectional data handler web services in a matter of minutes. Expose heterogeneous mashup data collections to business aggregate data sets and protect your business information without complexity or data redundancy with embedded data anonymization technics.
Moreover, web and mobile app development projects can take months to complete. Talisman MPCS™ accelerates the development and deployment of your projects with its user-friendly low-code interface and fast in-memory stores.
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